Chapter 2, Part 5, The Battle is O'er

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Motion behind the crucifix! My heart kicks into tempo. I jump forward, shouting, “Get him out!”

Even as I recognize him, Shawn is yelling, “It’s me. I didn’t find him. Move!”

I sag with relief. Shawn will take care of us. Mairi’s face is pale. Her arms are tight around James.

We’re not safe!” Shawn herds us toward the door, looking over his shoulder. “If he’s in there, he may come out under the great hall or down by the water gate. He may circle back on us. I lead the way. Amy, watch our back. Mairi, get James out, no matter what. Understand?” He slaps car keys in her hand. “No matter what!”

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The Battle is O'er: Coming March 23, 2018

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