Time Lines

The World of the Blue Bells Chronicles is both a blog and a way to collect notes on my research.  To that end, I will be beginning time line pages to keep succinct notes on each year, along with links to sources. 

Included will be many events from England, Ireland, Wales, France, Norway, the doings of the Popes--in short, anything that impacts the what was happening in Scotland during the Wars of Independence.  These are put together for the purposes of writing historical fiction--an eye to the details in order to color in the broad outlines, that bring a time and individuals, to life, and help us see them as people, not merely shadowy 'historical figures' who don't seem quite real.

The goal is to then link the short mention of an event on the time line page to a fuller blog piece with more detail.

This will be a work in progress, so pages will continue to change as I add to them.  So please check back for updates.


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