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I always welcome authors and guest bloggers to my blog.

If you would like to be interviewed or do a guest post, read the topics below and please leave a comment here with contact information, or send me a PM at my facebook author page.

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The books and topics I focus on relate mostly to the elements and themes in my books, although I'm happy to consider other things, too.

Literature and Life: Essays on the deeper lessons of life and character embedded in the best stories; lessons learned

The Arts in Our Lives: This is a series still in the planning, about the importance of art in our lives and how they impact us.

Eating Medieval: Cooking and sampling medieval recipes

Writing Tips and Writing WorkshopOn the craft and discipline of writing

Dog Tales: I started this particularly to focus on my own dog--an Irish Wolfhound much like the Laird's great hunting hounds in the book, but I would be happy to have any posts on working dogs and their relationship with us throughout history, and especially historically

Time travel: Posts about time travel theories in the real world, time travel stories (as in time slips, things people claim happened), and time travel fiction

Scotland: Self- explanatory!  Anything Scottish, art, music, architecture, history, beloved places in Scotland

Medieval history: Particularly Scottish medieval history--events, locations, people.  I welcome any other medieval history especially if related also to the events in Scotland.  For instance, anything on Edward II, Edward I, Llewelyn, Roger Mortimer or Isabella, etc

Music: Especially Celtic, medieval, and modern historical, as these are the types of music most seen in my books.  If you are a musician performing or composing music, I would welcome posting your videos along with a post about the life of a musician.  My posts in the past have included Scottish and medieval music played in medieval Scottish locations, with essays on the location and the piece of music, and a piece on a pianist who specializes in Russian composers (Shawn loves the Russian composers.)

Author interviews: I try to focus on books with any of the above themes

Poetry: I have begun featuring poets and poetry at my page.


  1. I'd be interested in taking part in a post! I have three historical novels released. ( One centers on a Renaissance portrait, What Edward Heard, and would work with your The Arts in Our Lives series. I also have a free ebook available for writers on Writing Tips that would fit the writing tips and writing workshop section. You can email me at Thank you!

  2. I'd love for you to include me in a post. My paranormal is about a woman trapped in an elevator and she has to free 500 souls and find someone to replace her (she has to help them resolve their problems to move on to a productive life, so many lessons are presented. I have a time travel story out "Chasing the Rift" and nothing historical, but 2 romance novels set in medieval times.

    1. Kathy sovine Roberts on facebook or

    2. Thank you, Kathy! I'll be contacting you on FB or getting an email to you!

  3. Hello Laura! It was fun to meet you and hear your words on the Vehicle of Expression. I would be delighted to represent the Poken Sword Literary Salon on your blog.

    1. Hi, Christine, Let me know which topics you'd like to write on. Or if you'd like to write a post specifically about Poken Sword. I was hoping to get there this month with my time off, but it turns out I'll be back to teaching the last Friday, after all.


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