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A Dream of Dragons

Dear Readers... In April of 2020, Gabriel's Horn launched a virtual book club, featuring some of our many authors. Lauretta and Michael Kehoe were our final guests of the season talking about their first novel, A Dream of Dragons.   I met Laurie several years ago, with A Dream of Dragons. Laurie sent me a copy of the book and I thoroughly enjoyed it, finding it both an engaging story that drew me in, and well-written. It's one of those books that leaves me with vivid images of its events, even years after reading it. Today, Laurie talks about writing A Dream of Dragons. So now, please welcome Laurie Kehoe Tell us about your newest book or series.   While doing my family research, I found that we were involved in the Salem Witch trials.  I see a story there with supernatural elements, perhaps Aeyohem , the angelic race introduced in our debut novel A Dream of Dragons .  Right now, before I can start the story, I am reading several

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