Prelude 9: The Battle is O'er Begins

The Battle is O'er

Book Five of The Blue Bells Chronicles

Glenmirril, Present

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My heart pounds as I hand James to Mairi. I’m obeying his orders without question. And I realize—I’m doing it because I’ve grown to trust him. “What if he finds us here while you’re gone?”

I won’t be gone long enough for that to happen,” he says. But he flips a knife, its blade pointing at himself, and thrusts it into my hand. “Kill if you have to. Up, into the ribs.” He guides my hand with the knife, in his, as if up into his own ribs. “Understand?”

I nod. My hand shakes. I’m not sure I can hold the knife, if Simon comes back, let alone kill him.

Coming March 23, 2018

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