Writing Classes in the Twin Cities

If you love writing--if you're interested in digging in deeper and honing your skills--if you're in the Twin Cities (or love road trips or have a private jet or helicopter, I'm not particular!)--I'll be teaching writing classes starting again in September at:
Scroll down for classes. Please contact the above links to register.
Click HERE for CCX's article about last winter's memoir class.

If you would like classes taught at your facility, contact: 

Taking the Leap into Writing (MCTC)

Is there a story inside you calling to be written? Many of us have a desire to write fiction, but find it difficult to get started. Or we get started and stall or find the words aren’t coming out as we imagined the story in our head. Taking the Leap into Writing will take you from ideas on starting the creative process—where writers come up with ideas—through building vivid character and location, methods of organizing and planning a novel, research, and editing.
 MCTC: Tuesdays, September 18 to October 23, 7 - 9 pm       
Lenox: Tuesdays, September 11 to October 16, 12 - 1:30 pm

Writing Your Memoir (MCTC and Lenox)

We all have a story to tell. But as clear as the scenes of our life may be in our head, getting it out on paper is sometimes not easy. Writing Your Memoir will help you do that. We’ll talk about ways to get started, writing exercises and prompts, and ways of focusing and organizing a memoir. We’ll talk about the elements that bring a story to life on the page. Each class will include writing time and critiquing time for those who wish to read. 

MCTC: Tuesdays, October 30 to December 4, 7 - 9 pm

Poetry for Writers of Prose (MCTC)

As writers, we all too often stick with the study of our own particular craft. Studying areas outside our own niche, however, often has a great deal to teach us about the use of language. In this course, we’ll study rhythm, meter, and traditional forms of poetry, the sounds of language, word choice, and tone, and how working within the structure of poetry can improve our narration and fiction.

To Be Announced

Publishing and Marketing  (MCTC)

Your book is written!  Now what?  Publishing and Marketing will take you through today's options for publishing--either traditional or independent--and how to accomplish either.  Sales depend on marketing and you will learn a number of ways to promote your book, once it is published.

To Be Announced

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