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Please welcome today author Sherrie Brown, author of The Eternal Knot series, to talk about her writing.

  • Tell us how long you've been writing and what got you started.

I started writing in January of this year, on a dare. It started when I was reading an eBook, noticed a lot of errors. I emailed the author to let her know that someone missed almost a whole chapter in proofreading it. Her manager answered my email explaining that she was just starting out and didn’t have money to hire an editor. This opened my eyes to the self-publishing world that I didn’t know existed. He offered free books if I wanted to help him beta read and proofread.

So, a friendship developed, even though I wasn’t good at proofreading. He helped me develop many skills, which I draw on now as a writer. At the start of 2017, he dared me to write a book. With my personality, a dare can be dangerous, but I figured I had nothing to lose. If the books didn't sell, one needed to know so; I didn’t tell my family or friends. It was in Jane Austen fan fiction and is now being re-edited because I couldn’t afford or find a good proofreader when I started out writing.

  • What have you done to hone your writing skills?  

I have been bombarding my author friends with questions. I tried a critique group but found out that our personalities conflicted. They were quick to give negative feedback and very slow with positive ideas.

In high school (many years ago), my worst subjects were reading, spelling and English. Through trial and error, I have finally found a wonderful editor, and I am grateful for her.

  • Tell us about your latest book, and the inspiration behind it.

My latest book is going to my editor this week. Samantha: Time Travel, it is the third book in The Eternal Knot Series.

I have always wanted to travel to a different time and see how different life is. This book starts out in 2017 with Samantha working as a realtor in San Antonio, Texas. Samantha and eight of her friends travel to England on vacation, where they at each transported to a different time. She travels to what is now Norway, 800 AD to join the Vikings.

After I started writing this series, this story wouldn’t leave my mind. Every time I did anything, it was always at the forefront of my mind, driving me nuts until I wrote it. The books in this series can be read as a stand-alone, and each book tells what happens to each of the friends when they time travel.

All of the books are clean romances, all of the women wait for marriage, and those scenes are only implied.

  • Traditional writing advice is Write what you know.  What parts of your book are based on what you know?

I guess in this series, the emotional struggles each of the women face. Their struggles are ones that close friends or I have faced sometime in the past.

  • Tell us a little about your writing schedule and habits. 

My schedule isn’t set in stone. I write when my muse visits me, mostly from 9 pm to 2 am.

I try not to set a minimum amount to write because then I stress of trying to reach my goal keeps me from accomplishing my goals. So, some nights I write 1,000 words, other nights it is 6,000 words, it just depends on inspiration and how much research I have to do for a scene.

In the past, I usually sat at the kitchen table to write, but my husband is helping me turn the spare bedroom into my writing cave. So, I should be able to write whenever inspiration strikes.

  • What parts of your book are things you knew little about and had to research?

The countries, time periods, languages, and lifestyles are all things that I have had to research. Sometimes I ask my husband to look up specific events or details.

  • Tell us a little about your research process.

I usually start by picking a country and time period. Then I use the internet and search everything I can find on that those subjects. I make notes and copy websites so I can refer back to them when I need more information.

I try to include little-known facts about events or lifestyles in every book. I figure a reader might be more interested if offered something new about another lifestyle, event, or way of life.

  • What are some things that really bring a scene to life?

For me, it is when you can feel the emotions the characters you are reading about feel, also, when you’re included in the story, not just reading it. I am still learning how to draw the reader into the story.

The action is a must for me, and it has to be in the story. The story must keep my attention and not drag.

  • How do you bring characters to life?  Make them three-dimensional, unique, and real to the readers?

I try to put myself in the place of the characters. What would I do or say in this situation? If I couldn’t see myself doing it, then it is cut from the story.

There are many times that I have had to rework part of the story because the scene wasn’t believable to me.

I know the scene is worth keeping if I find myself crying, while I am trying to write. Then I try to catch the emotions I am feeling at the time and transfer them to the story.

  • What is some of your best advice for beginning writers?

The most important thing would have to be, find a good editor or at least several people you trust who will honestly read your book. They need to be people who will tell you if something is wrong or doesn’t work in the story.

A good proofreader is a must, no matter how good you think you are you will always miss things when you write it because you know what it should say not what it says.


sherrie brown, time travel, fiction, paranormal
What do I want to be when I grow up? I could never answer that question until now.

Life for me has never been boring; it has always been an adventure. While serving in the Air Force, I married one of my best friends. I stayed at home and raised our two sons, who married two wonderful women. I have one grandson and a large lovable dog. I have several incredible friends, and I love to travel. My husband and I are now living in Texas.


Samantha: Time Travel, Book 3 – Coming Soon

time travel, sherrie brown, fiction, novels,
Samantha Taylor is a realtor who is finally making a name for herself selling houses in upscale neighborhoods. She and her eight girlfriends travel to Stonehenge for a vacation, when suddenly they're transported to different locations in time.

Samantha has always been fascinated with Vikings, so she is excited when she finds herself sent back in time to what is now Norway, 800 AD, land of the Vikings! She is faced with several dilemmas; first, her soulmate is one of the twin chieftains, who will she chose? Second, she must decide what to do; when she finds out, they are both married. Will she compromise her beliefs and become a second wife or mistress of her soulmate? Or does she find a way to be true to herself as well as useful in her new life?

Dolph and Dall are twin brothers as well as joint chieftains. They are both faced with the same dilemma, what to do when you are already married, and you met your soulmate. Viking's marriages are arranged by their parents, and they are married at the age of 12 years old. Have both Dolph and Dall both fallen in love with their wives or will one divorce his wife for his soulmate?

What does a woman do in 800 AD for an occupation? Wife, mistress, shieldmaiden. Join Samantha on her journey of self-discovery as she fights against compromising her beliefs.

Raven: Time Travel, Book 2

sherrie brown, time travel fiction, eternal knot
Raven Payne is a Midwife whose favorite romance novel is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. She and her eight girlfriends travel to Stonehenge for a vacation, when suddenly they're transported to different locations in time.

Raven finds herself in 1823 Derbyshire, England and right in the middle of her favorite novel with Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy. Join her adventures and challenges; as she meets one of Mr. Darcy's secretive friends, her soulmate.

Bran Williams has too many things going on in his life; he must save his beloved kingdom. When Raven walks into his life, his priorities change, and he will do anything to get his soulmate to marry him. But will he risk her life, saving England?

Will Raven follow her heart or will she return home as suddenly as she arrived? Will Bran convince Raven to trust him, especially with her heart? How will each respond when the others’ lives are in danger?

Join Raven and Bran on their journey of love and adventure.

King Roan: Time Travel, Book 1

sherrie brown, time travel fiction, eternal knot series, eternal knot
This is the first book in The Eternal Knot Series; King Roan.
3,000 years ago, after the neighboring Princess rejects King Roan, he sets out to prove she is his soulmate with a sacred necklace from his holy man. However, he time travels to 2017 Texas to find his soulmate.

Kendra Blue is a young, independent, smart woman who owns and manages a small ranch. How will Kendra deal with a self-centered, arrogant King who demands shelter and food from her?

King Roan, a difficult, prideful man, learns that being a king means nothing in 2017 and it means even less to Kendra. How does Roan function in a time with technology, when he isn’t even sure how indoor plumbing works? How will he convince Kendra they are soulmates?

When the situation presents itself, Roan and Kendra travel back to his home and the perils of a jealous Princess. Will they stay or return to 2017? Join them on a journey to a time when Stonehenge is still new.

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