Shawn Brink Releases HELL ON EARTH!

Please welcome today, Shawn D. Brink, my fellow author at Gabriel's Horn Press!  (Please do not confuse him with the Shawn I normally talk about here!  He is nothing like that Shawn!)  His new book, Hell on Earth, Book Three of The Space Between trilogy, has just been released with Gabriel's Horn.  Hell on Earth is now available in print and will be available in all ebook formats on December 20.

I met Shawn online through Laurie Kehoe, co-author of A Dream of Dragons.  She recommended he contact me, and although apocalyptic thrillers is not a genre I normally read, I really liked the book.  I felt it really brough to life some ideas and concepts we hear a lot about--but that seem very unreal to us.  Shawn put these ideas with real people, and the ideas suddenly took on a very real form.  While it's the third in a trilogy, I had no trouble reading it as a stand alone book--although of course, I'd like to go back and read the first two in the series.

Today, Shawn talks about his writing life.

Tell us a little about Hell on Earth.

This is the third installment of The Space Between trilogy, a Christian fantasy/apocalyptic thriller series about the events leading up to the end of the world.

What excites you most about your book's topic?  Why did you choose it?

A piece of good advice was once given to me: write what you know.  Although I don't claim to be a biblical scholar or theologian, I do profess to be a Christian.  As such, I spend considerable time reading God's word, so it made sense that I write about a biblical topic.  It's simply what I know.

I agree on writing what you know.  Obviously, we always need to do research, since we're not writing only our own lives.  For instance, I know all about the musical, orchestral world of Blue Bells, and each of the people's instruments.  I know something of how Shawn (the other Shawn!) markets and does business.  But I certainly have not lived in medieval Scotland, and had to research that.  How long did the book take you from start to finish?

I wrote this book over the course of about a year.  I generally write at least one novel-length piece per year along with other shorter works.

I find this true for many novelists.  I currently take two years for each of mine, with research, visits to Scotland and other things going on in my life.  What aspect of writing the book did you find particularly appealing?

The book deals with multiple dimensions and time continuums.  I often had to keep good notes as I wrote so things didn't happen outside of their proper time flows.

Oh, boy, yeah, I keep a dozen timelines!  I keep timelines of timelines!  Did you seek the support of a writers' group or class?

I did not.  Although, I have received support from my writer friends, many of whom I keep in touch with through Facebook, twitter, and other social media.

What surprised you the most about the book writing process?

This is my third novel, so I did not get a lot of surprises this go around.  My biggest surprise back when I was newly published was probably the time commitment on the author's part, needed to market a book.  I used to think that being a published author meant you sat on the beach with a drink in one hand, a pen in the other, and a pad of paper balanced on your knee.  Now I realize the author must keep his hat in the ring regarding all aspects of the book from writing it to organizing events and signings, to advertising, to distribution, and more.  The more involved the author is, the more success is seen in the sales numbers.

That is so true!  And yes, I just did an interview in which I said the same thing--marketing is the hard part.  It doesn't leave much time for beaches and drinks!  Did you have any favorite experiences when writing your book?

The act of writing is in and of itself one of my favorite experiences.  For me, it's like a drug.  I actually get a buzz from creating world and giving characters life.  Writing for me is more than a careet.  It is a passion that at times can border on obsession.

I know what you mean!  Years ago, I had my desk set up in my walk-in closet.  I went in to write at 8, when I'd put the kids to bed.  I glanced up at the clock a couple minutes later and it was 2 in the morning!  What do you hope your readers will gain from reading your book?

The purpose of my fiction is to entertain as well as evoke emotion in the reader.  I try to keep that in mind whenever I write.

Thank you, Shawn!  And readers, watch for PART TWO of Shawn's interview!


Shawn D. Brink was born in Clovis, New Mexico, but has lived in eastern Nebraska since he was five.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Secondary Education from Wayne  State College and a graduate degree in Management from Bellevue university.  His interests (besides writing) include church, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife and four children.

It was during his time as a student at Wayne that he attempted his first novel.  That manuscript was never published, but it infected Shawn with an incurable writing virus.  Shawn has since had many stories featured in various publications. Hell on Earth is his third published novel, and complete the Space Between trilogy.
To buy Shawn's other books: The Space Between The Devil's Revenge

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