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A Medieval Valentine's Day and Thoughts on Love

Scroll down for the Giveaway Dear Readers:
I have not done well with sticking to the excerpt schedule this week. Between home, family, writing, and music lessons, I've been on the go and working 15 to 17 hours a day. Wrestling season has largely ended for my sons, thanks to a concussion for my 12 year old and a sprained shoulder for my 18 year old. I've learned in the past two years that this is a rough sport. But they're loving it! (As a mother--not so fun to see your son flipped entirely over his head, his neck bent completely backward!)
I've been dealing with business taxes and getting students ready for piano and flute exams and the Minnesota Piano Contest (two of the three students who entered went on to finals!) For the sake of my back and neck, I've gotten back to mile and a half walks every morning with Liadan--and just bundling up warm enough for such a walk when it's 0 degrees out takes ten minutes!
That said, The Battle is O'er is uploaded for Kin…

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