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Emmanuel's Light: Photography and Poetry

In addition to writing The Blue Bells Chronicles, I have done a great deal of photography and poetry in the last several years.  Chris Powell and I have created Emmanuel's Light, a photographer's cooperative, which focuses on colors--comparison and contrast--in nature, and on photography that tells a story.

A great deal of our photography has been taken in Scotland, particularly in castles.  Below is Finlairig Castle:
 We are currently working on a project of putting poetry to our photography.  To see that project as it unfolds, visit us at our Emmanuel's Light Blog.

Since our inception a bit over a year ago, we have had three four to six week showings of our work: at Plymouth City Hall, Plymouth Creek Center, and Chaska Community Center.

Along with our photography, we spent time in Scotland recording Scottish and medieval music that goes along with The Blue Bells Chronicles.  Among pieces played were several cantigas.

I think one of our favorites, where we really had fun…

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