Writing Prompts: Thanksgiving Dinner

On Thanksgiving, the family assembles for the most unique meal you've ever experienced.  Everybody brings their favorite dish.  And as they've been traveling all over the world--and in fact the universe!  And time traveling!

Better yet, the foods each have an effect on those who eat it--the food may make people funnier, or more honest, or more introspective.

Let your imagination run wild!  What foods from around the world are at your Thanksgiving dinner and what foods from other planets?

Or--just tell us about the most interesting thing you've eaten.  For me, I've enjoyed trying haggis, a traditional Scottish dish consisting of a sheep's heart, liver, and lungs--mmm, mmm good.  For added bonus, it's cooked encased in an animal's intestine.

Really--it sounds terrible, but it tastes delicious.  The first time I tried it, it tasted like meatloaf, but much, much better.  It's made other ways, though.

Another favorite food I've discovered over the years is what I call drunken squid.  It's salted fermented squid.  The first taste left me uncertain, but it grew on me until it became a favorite.

There are things I won't eat.  I understand that in Korea octopus is served--at times--still squirming.  No thank you!  Haggis is quite tame in comparison!

What would you try?  What wouldn't you try?

Describe the foods--taste, texture, smell, appearance?

For some medieval foods, see my labels: Eating Medieval, Food, Medieval Recipes, Recipes, and  Food and Feast in the World of the Blue Bells Chronicles.

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