Writing Prompts: Senses

Day 3 of NaNoWriMo: What are you writing, and what is your word count?

I haven't had time to do it for several years, but I wish I still did after a seven (I think) year streak of 'winning.'  It really gave me the boost I needed to get going again in 2005 and I still frequent the forums in November, getting input on the reference desk, and hopefully giving some good input, too.

After writing Blue Bells of Scotland in November 2005 (and by writing, I mean rough rough rough draft--lots of editing went into it after that!), I joined Night Writers in 2006.  We meet weekly to read scenes or chapters and get input.  We each have things we tend to focus on.  Lyn stresses using all the senses.

So today's prompt: Choose an object and describe it using all the senses. visual, audio, tactile, olfactory, taste.

I think some of these senses might be a little difficult!  The glass in front of me, for example, is very, very quiet.  I'd be quite a bit concerned if it were otherwise! 

But let's say our 'object' is the knight in blue.  Describe his horse.  Describe it during battle, not in a clean stall after being groomed. 

Describe its color.  (If you use the word brown, green sludge will be dumped on your head!  I mean, electric green, or jade, or sludge the color of skies just before a tornado moves in....)  Look at its hooves and fetlocks, its tail.  Tell the reader if its head is lifted high or drooping, if its neck is arched.  Describe the armor and all it's wearing.  Can you see the dirt or sweat on it? 

Sounds--can you hear the hooves pounding, the jingle of its harness, the snort of its breath?  Is it breathing heavily?  Whinnying?  What are the sounds around it?  Is the knight shouting?  Is the horse itself hearing the sounds of battle, the clash of steel, the sounds of injured men?  Or--is it hearing the cheers of the crows if, like this picture, it's only in a mock battle?

If you touched the horse, what would you feel?  The velvet of its nose, the texture of its mane--what does that feel like?  What does his coat feel like--sweaty, gritty with dirt?  The armor it's wearing on front may be smooth to the touch.  What about the trappings it wears on back?  

Taste.  Hm.  Don't go tasting your horse! Elton John tweaked the words to that song just a little bit.  Although 70s fashion sure has me saying, Don't go breaking my heart!  

Sorry, diversion!  

Sometimes, we 'taste' things even in the air.  Ever been in a place, and you can 'taste' the salt in the ocean air, or the metallic taste near certain places, and so on?  Might there be a 'taste' of salt and sweat and maybe just being near this battle, near this horse, might you find grit in your mouth from all the dirt that's been swirling in the air?

Have fun!  And do not taste your horse!  Not even for the sake of art!

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