Writing Prompts: Why I Didn't Get My Work Done

So, clearly I've been missing my daily writing prompts.  It seems like a good time to have a writing prompt of Why I Didn't Get My Work Done.  Along the lines of And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street, tell the most creative or unusual excuses...er, um, reasons...you've heard.  Or given.

My excuses...I mean reasons...this week aren't very interesting.  I got sick.  I've been working on editing Hell on Earth, a novel by Shawn D. Brink, and getting it ready for publication.  I've been doing some last minute work on Dan Blum's novel, The Feet Say Run, which is scheduled for release on December 2.

I've been researching fantastic pool rooms and getting some more writing done on The Battle is O'er.   I've been sleeping due to illness.  I've been working on getting information about piano competitions and keyboard exams through the Minnesota Music Teachers Association.

But what if something much more interesting had happened?  A visit from a celebrity?  Who would you want to meet?  An invitation to a fantastic trip?  Where would you go?  Foreign or local?  Won a lottery?  What would you do with the money?

What if something bad happened?  Tornado?  Hurricane?  Fire, flood, famine!  Raiding armies, alien invasions?

Something fantastical?  Alien landing?  Oobleck (no, that's been done.)  All the electricity and modern conveniences all over the world suddenly stop.  A bright light shone in the sky and.....  Disappear into a different time?

What is your reason your work didn't get done?

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