Writing Prompts: Putting Good in the World

Hometown Heroes, Local Leaders

Good government officials is important, but in reading comments in the wake of the election, I once again think that we need to remember it is we as individuals who make up this country, who have the greatest impact.  Someone asked how they are now supposed to put good in the world.

Writing Prompt

Well--you get up in the morning and you put good in the world.  That's how.  We all know plenty of people who do this, quietly and without fanfare.  Write about one, or several such people you know.  I've been lucky enough to know several.

My neighbor on one side has, to my knowledge, been quietly helping the very elderly woman on the other side of his house for years--mowing her lawn, shoveling her driveway, bringing in her mail.  My neighbor on the other side rode his mower over and mowed our lawn several times, our first summer in my current home, when our lawn mower kept breaking.  People at my church organized a food schedule for my family when my twins were born, and fed us for two months.  They fed another family for a full year during a medical crisis.

There are those who walk their neighborhood and simply pick up trash.  It makes a difference.  Regular donations to food shelves or programs that feed the poor around the world make a difference.  We can always practice simple kindness, courtesy, holding doors, helping someone carry a heavy load.  Always.

Locally, in Minneapolis, we have the amazing story of Mary Jo Copeland, who grew up in less than ideal circumstances, but went on to do great good for those who need help here, building a progam called Sharing and Caring Hands, and later, Mary's Place in downtown Minneapolis.

How or whether we put good in the world, how we help others, is entirely up to us.  Write, today, about someone you admire, someone who makes the world a better place.

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