Music, Radio, Medieval Fairs, and New Books

It has become a very busy week--or month!

Go Home and Practice! released (like the hounds!)

On Friday, September 16, my new book, Go Home and Practice! came out.  It is a music record/lesson assignment book geared toward helping students and musicians practice with focus, attention to detail, and goals.  It teaches students how to practice, and gives musicians a place to record progress.

I've used this system to learn multiple instruments over many years, and have seen my students progress using it.  I believe it has really helped them understand what it takes to create music and to learn.

AM 950: Food Freedom!

Bright and early tomorrow morning, I will be at the studio of 950 AM, I'll be talking with Karen Olson Johnson and Laura Hedlund on their Food Freedom program about medieval cooking--a prelude to the release of my next book Food and Feast in the World of the Blue Bells Chronicles: a gastronomic historic poetic musical romp through thyme.

We'll find out how much I've really learned about medieval cuisine!

Here's the link to the recording of the program, as talk about medieval food in general, a couple of particular recipes, and Hildegard von Bingen, whose feast day it was.

Medieval Fair at Caponi Art Park

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2016, 11 AM TO 4 PM.
1220 Diffley Road, Eagan, Minnesota

It so happens that Liz, who puts on the medieval fair in Eagan each September, will be calling into the program tomorrow morning.  She has invited me to spend the day at the medieval fair.  I'll be in my medieval gown, playing medieval music on harp.  I'll have my books and medieval-themed photography from Emmanuel's Light available.

I haven't been to this fair, but it sounds like a great day.  The crowd has been growing steadily over the ten years it's been held, and people are encouraged to talk to those of us medieval garb.  We will be a bit of an interactive museum!  And rest assured, I will not hesitate to tell you what I think of Angus Og...or James Douglas...or either of the Edwards in England!

Food and Feast is coming!

While I've been posting excerpts from Food and Feast, I haven't talked specifically about it.  Some time ago, I was asked to put this together by a reader who was struck by the many descriptions of food in the book.  I've been working at it for several months now, researching medieval recipes and cookbooks, and matching meals to scenes from the first four books of The Blue Bells Chronicles.  It has been a lot of fun, including trying some of these meals.

From the dust jacket:

Warning!  This is Not a Cookbook! 
Food and Feast does, however, contain over a hundred recipes--medieval recipes in their original medieval form, medieval recipes in modern terms, traditional Scottish recipes, modern midwest American, recipes for eating in the wilderness, and even exotic and slightly dangerous recipes, drawn from scenes in the acclaimed Blue Bells Chronicles.
In an eclectic mix, Food and Feast also digs into tasty morsels of history, succulent songs, meaty medieval philosophy, and medieval and Scottish poems, about food and drink.  Here be fire-breathing roasts and live bird pies alongside oatcakes cooked on the campaign trail.

I have not tested the fire-breathing roasts!  With 7 boys, I've spent enough time in the E.R. and didn't really feel like tempting fate, not even for the sake of research!

Watch for further details on the release!

To see recipes from the upcoming Food and Feast:

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