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historical fiction, literary fiction, wwii fiction, world war II, great books, powerful drama, wehrmacht, nazi, HitlerWe held our fifth meeting tonight with author Dan Bum, talking about his second novel. The Feet Say Run is the story of a life spent running--a literary novel that is also a suspenseful page-turner, a work at once emotionally gripping and darkly comic.

In his waning years, Hans Jaeger finds himself stranded on a desert island with a small band of survivors. What is my particular crime? he asks. Why have I been chosen for this fate?

And so he begins the chronicle of his long life. He tells the tale of his years in Nazi Germany, the Jewish girl he loved, and his years fighting with the Wehrmacht. His war experiences are vividly individual--a struggle for survival in the most harrowing of circumstances--and the story of one man who finds redemption only when there's nowhere left to run.

Becky, Lisa, Kate, Ann, Laura, Chris, and Janet got to talk with Dan. Some were first time readers, while a few had read earlier drafts of the novel, and it lent for an interesting discussion of how novels evolve and change during the writing.

We had a great discussion about Hans's character: Is he only looking out for himself? How much like the average person is he? What redeeming things did he do throughout his life? And what is the value of a tragic figure to the reader? What do we learn from Hans's story and his decisions? How culpable was he and how much a victim of being born into the worst of times and places and events beyond his control?

The element of humor and bitter irony came up. While some spoke of how intense and heavy the story is at times, it was clear that Dan is a gifted writer who draws great emotional impact from readers. Everyone had strong emotions about the people, the scenes. We talked about the happy endings of American novels and movies compared to the often darker, more tragic tone of Russian writing and what it is to write a book that's realistic--in a world that often wants happy endings.

Coming next Monday, May 11, 7 pm CST is Judith Granahan's novel, See That House. After Hailey in Finance goes off a cliff in a fiery car crash, Kate MacKenzie is sent, very much against her will, to take Hailey's place. Digging into records in her new position, Kate discovers a discrepancy between payroll and personnel There are six 'ghost' employees being paid every month. Kate brings the matter to higher-ups--only to slowly realize she is in the middle of a dangerous game--one that involves a crime of long ago and a long, slow path to revenge.

Kate can only hope she won't end up like Hailey, as she searches for answers.

This is Judy's second book, after Dancers of the Third Age.

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Our weekly book club is held on Zoom and is free and open to the public. You can attend if you've read the book of the week or even if you're interested in reading the book of the week. Heck, you can join if you're just looking for something to do Monday evening! Most weeks, the author will be present.

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May 11, 2020: See That House, by Judith Granahan
May 18, 2020: Daughter # 5: Baby of the Family, by Genny Kieley.
June 1, 2020: My Gypsy War Diary, by Shawn D. Brink
June 8, 2020: A Dream of Dragons, by Lauretta & Michael Kehoe


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