Irina Shapiro, Time Travel from Russia Part 3

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Today, I welcome back Irina Shapiro, my fellow author of time travelesque novels! Irina visited with me back in 2016 and it's fun to catch up again!

As with many interviews, I'll be breaking hers into several parts, to keep them to quick reads. Start with Parts One and Two.

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And now, please welcome Irina Shapiro!

To see the beginning of Irina's interview, go to Parts ONE and TWO.

Tell us more  about the research you did for it. 

In researching for The Condemned, I first focused on trepanning and how and when it would be administered. I wanted to know if anyone survive the arcane procedure and if they would be able to function normally afterward. I was surprised to discover that it’s still in use today, only now it’s called neurosurgery and is done under anesthesia. I also researched life in colonial Virginia, the arrival of the first women in the colony, and the laws and punishments that would be applicable to my story.  

What are you working on now or what is next for you? 

The Betrayed, book seven of the Echoes of the Past series is already on preorder. If you want to know about a crucifixion that took place in Ireland in the sixteenth century, this story is for you. Book eight is already written and in edits. I’ve also started a new book, a standalone ghost story that takes place in the present and eighteenth-century Cape Cod. 

Who or what has inspired you most in life and why? 

As a writer, I am most inspired by Diana Gabaldon, because there’s literally not a single rabbit hole that woman won’t go down. That kind of creative freedom is amazing to me. 

What do you think is the most important thing, in order to live life well?  

I think the most important thing is to stop obsessing about the past and the future and live each day to the fullest. Appreciating the little things and being grateful for the things we have are the key to joy.  As I write this, the sun is shining, I have a full cup of coffee, and several ideas for my new book popped into my head before I fell asleep last night.  I am happy.

If you were to try your hand at another genre, what would it be? 

I love a good thriller. Maybe someday I’ll try writing a modern-day series with a male protagonist. That would be a real departure for me. 

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