Nice Try

Nice Try Sheet Music

With The Battle is O'er now released, I have been able to get back to some composition, and not surprisingly, have been doing some writing in the style of the Irish/Celtic jigs and reels that I often play.

I titled this piece Nice Try after a scene from Westering Home:

They mounted, three dozen men wiping sleep from their eyes, gnawing last night’s meat—the only breakfast they would get—and jamming helmets on their heads. Their garrons snorted, and kicked through early morning gloam twisting among their fetlocks as they darted among the trees, picking up speed from a trot to a canter to a gallop. Shawn leaned over his pony’s neck, protecting his face from tree branches swooping down low. His sword felt solid on his back, and his knives at home in his belt and boots. A few raiders was nothing. Maybe he’d even pluck a daisy on the way home and stick it in his pony’s forelock, since he couldn’t give Amy a rose. He could pretend the tough, boiled English beef was a juicy filet mignon from the Strip House. He’d convince himself the ale was sweet Merlot, and kiss his pony on the nose. His animal veered around a birch, ghostly silver in the morning mist. Sometimes you just had to look life in the face, he told himself, and say, Nice try, I’m going to have a good day anyway. He patted the pony’s neck. “At least I’ll kiss someone on Valentine’s Day. Better you than the rest of these lunkheads, aye?”

~ ~ ~
The sheet music is available for $1.50.
The music I've been writing is slowly going up on my YouTube channel and I will gradually be getting more pieces transferred to sheet music and uploaded. When I have a full collection, I'll be bundling them as a book.


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