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history quiz, medieval history, bannockburnAfter coming across the idea at another writer's blog, I've been having some fun creating Blue Bells Chronicles quizzes.  The first is general to the books and the second is more of a History Behind the Story quiz on medieval Scottish history. Only ten questions each.

Should you have been left behind on Coxet Hill or are you ready to rule a nation?

Coming...another day...I'll do a better job with these, add pictures, and so on, and make quizzes more specific to topics--warfare, culture, saints, myths and legends, music, etc.  Today, I'm just having fun learning the ropes.  I hope you have fun with them, too, and feel free to suggest any topics you'd like to see!


  • March 25, 2017: I will co-host Food Freedom on AM 950 with Laura Hedlund and Karen Olson Johnson.  Guests: Michael Agnew, craft beer expert, Dr. Chris R. Powell on Irish literature, and a guest author to be announced.  We'll taste Irish beer.
  • Listen to January's program: poetry and coffee beer
  • Listen to February's program: Russian literature and Russian beer
  • March 20-24, 2017: Indie-Con, an online convention of indie authors in which I'll be participating with guest blogs, Q&A, and critiquing.

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