Writing Prompts: Emotion

NaNoWriMo 2016 is now in its second day!  Are you writing?  If so, what was your word count yesterday?  What is your story about?

Today's writing prompt is: Emotion.  Pick a number between 1 and 6.  Right now, before you go any further!  You'll see why at the end of the article.

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Now, think of a movie you've recently seen.  Or a scene from a book or that movie.  Or, hey, write a scene from your own life and tell us it's fiction.  I'm not particular.  Your writing prompt is to describe that scene using only one emotion.

How does someone look when they're angry?  What happens to their face, their eyebrows, their eyes, their shoulders?

What does someone's voice sound like when they're grateful, giddy or sad?  Does the pitch go up or down?  Do they speak more quickly or more slowly?  Between gritted teeth or in a rush of words?  Do they develop a monotone?

What actions might they display when they're frazzled or impatient?  Clenched fists?  Pacing?  Picking things up and putting things down again?  Do they look at others, or away?  Do they stare out the window or close their eyes?

What do their insides feel like when they are fearful or in love?  Butterflies, aching muscles from tension, a knot in the stomach?

And now...the number you picked.  Here is your assigned emotion to write about.

1. anger
2. impatience
3. frustration
4. elation
5. somber
6. contemplative

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