Happy Thanksgiving!

thanksgiving, despair, hopeless, grief, joy, gratitude

I have been fortunate in my adult years to have known a number of joyful and giving people personally.  These are not people whose lives are perfect.  They're people who, oftentimes, have faced a great deal of tragedy and trials in their lives, and faced a great deal of pain, physically and emotionally.  I've seen these people make jokes about their difficulties, and go about their days laughing, smiling, and giving to others.

I've seen great art and music and even humorous books spring from painful situations.  I've seen people handle crisis with grace, and still thinking of others.  Thank you to all for putting something good in the world.

In many ways, gratitude is a huge theme in The Blue Bells Chronicles, as Shawn comes to appreciate all he has, and stop blaming his problems and choices on others, and it might be fair to say that his growing gratitude has something to do with his redemption.

A blessed, happy Thanksgiving Day to all.

I go about pitying
While I am carried by the wind
Across the sky

~Ojibwe Song


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