Updates on Gaelic Word a Day

About six years ago, I began my Gaelic Word a Day blog.  Having been raised by a military officer, of course, I could never manage to do just one word.  As I got deeper into grammar, and I had a lot more on my plate with my own writing, editing and publishing for others, managing many sites, continuing to teach lessons, and of course, kids, cats, and a very large and affectionate dog, it became too time-consuming to keep up with.

I'm beginning to get back into my study of Gaelic, and have had time this morning to do a great deal of updating to the site.  I updated the blog roll with new links to my various sites that might interest Scotophiles. (Is that a word?  It is now--I just used it!  Wait, I have a bad feeling I'm quoting Shawn.)

Those links include:

  • Travelpod where you will find my travel blogs as I have gone on my five trips to Scotland.  At the moment, it is not fully updated, but I do hope to finish that, too
  • Pinterest where I collect images of castles, abbeys, medieval weapons, clothing, and manuscripts, and more, which I use when writing
  • YouTube where I keep playlists of music associated with my books: Scottish, medieval, and the orchestral, jazz, and big band music that Shawn knows, and also playlists of things like medieval weapons, tours of Scottish castles and abbeys, and my own playing of Scottish and medieval pieces in Scottish locations
  • Emmanuel's Light, my photographers collaborative, which includes a growing number of Scottish- and medieval-themed photographs, taken in Scotland
  • Gabriel's Horn, my publishing company, which currently has nearly 40 books by about a dozen authors, in print, and more coming.
I have also done a lot of updating to the index of lessons, and to the Learning Gaelic Online page, adding a few online courses, and getting things better organized.

I am amazed to see, as I've gotten back to my Gaelic blog that I loved keeping, to see that it has continued to get dozens of hits a day in the years I have updated it--now standing at well over 64,000 alltime hits--and has over a thousand e-mail subscribers.  I see this as a testament to how many people have a deep love for Scotland and a desire to learn the language.

I hope to once again be able to update it on a more regular basis, and maybe some day be able to do some Scottish immersion courses and really make a giant leap in my own fluency.


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