The Boar's Head: Excerpt

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As I work on a 'table companion' for The Blue Bells Chronicles, this song goes through my head.  (Warning!  It may be in your head all day if you listen to it!)  As with many songs, I find this group sings this song too slowly.  It seems to me it should be a very up tempo song.  But I love the pictures that go with it.

With this upcoming book, I'll be including scenes from the Blue Bells Chronicles, and the recipes that go with it.  Here's the scene that goes with the recipe for a boar's head.  And yes, it will be in this book!  So start looking now for a place to buy one!

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In this excerpt, Amy has told Shawn, returned from his night in the castle ruins, suffering from a mysterious arrow wound and resulting infection, which has caused him to behave strangely, that he can take her out to dinner at the nicest place in Inverness.  She is unaware that she is not with Shawn Kleiner, modern trombonist, but with Niall Campbell, medieval Highlander:


"Having?" he repeated.

"It's a restaurant. What do you want?"

"I can...choose?" He had expected tables laden with repast, or a stream of servants bringing food as they did at the castle.

"Of course you can." She smiled. "You're paying."

"A loaf of bread, then."

"A loaf, sir?" the servant asked.

"A whole loaf?" Amy repeated.

"Soup, eel."

"Eel? Did you say eel?" the servant asked. The black-suited man hurried over. He must be the steward, Niall decided.

"Where did you find that?" Amy searched her menu.

The servant looked to the steward, who nodded furiously.

"Pigeon pie, woodcock, salmon," Niall added, thinking of all his favorite things at the Laird's table.

The waiter scribbled swiftly. Amy would certainly be pleased with him for providing this fine feast!

"Can't you make it easy and order off the menu?" Amy whispered, a little fiercely.

"Of course," Niall said obligingly. "Venison and trout would be good! And as we're celebrating, a boar's head!"

"A boar's head?" Amy asked in disbelief.

"A...boar's head, sir?" The servant swallowed.

"Anything you like, Mr. Kleiner," the steward said loudly. He nudged the servant, who scribbled, frowning.

"Aye," Niall agreed cheerfully. "And plenty of ale!" At another table, a man handed his menu back to a servant. Niall did likewise.

"I'll have the chicken salad," Amy said.


From Blue Bells of Scotland

Book One in the Blue Bells Chronicles

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Tomorrow I'll bring you some information on preparing the boar's head.

NOTE: Picture credit.


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