Shule Aroon

Taking a break from I'm back to posting music.  Today's song is Irish, not Scottish, but the two countries are quite close culturally, and, regardless, I've always found it to be one of the most beautiful melodies.  So here it is.

It is filmed at Glenluce, a Cistercian abbey in the Galloway region in the southwest of Scotland.  In Westering Home, although we never see the scene directly, Simon visits Glenluce Abbey.  Glenluce, a 'daughter house' of Dundrennan (which I also visited on my trip in April) is today serene ruins set in a peaceful atmosphere of broad green lawns and scattered trees, and the starting point of a 50-mile walking trail called Pilgrim Way, that leads to the Isle o f Whithorn.

Simon Beaumont (hear his voice in the Water is Wide trailer!) seeks it out hoping to find the books of Michael Scott, reputed to be left either there or possibly at Burgh-under-Bowness, near Carlisle.

Glenluce Abbey was founded in 1192 by Lochlann, Lord of Galloway.  Not many years later, in 1214, Abbot William wrote to the then-abbot of Melrose Abbey, telling of two of his monks seeing a strange vision in the sky.

In the 13th century, Michael Scott lived there for a time.  One report says that in 1200, he lured The Plague with his spells, and then walled it up in Glenluce's dungeons, thus starving it to death.

It was also one of the Bruce's resting places as he made his last journey to Whithorn.

The chapter house, in which I'm playing, did not exist in the time of the Bruce, not being built until the late 15th century.  Watch the video to see some of the 'green man' faces at the tops of some of the posts.

Musicians will no doubt appreciate the acoustics of the chapter house, and we were told that many musicians go there specifically to play in it.

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  1. Beautiful playing, Laura! I love the Green Man, too!


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