Amazing Grace at the Hermitage Castle Kirk

This is Amazing Grace, filmed last Augst at the ruins of the Hermitage Castle kirk.  In Westering Home, the evil Simon Beaumont (my continued thanks to Mithril Weaver for so wonderfully capturing his voice in the trailer!) goes to Hermitage Castle, the home of his one-time friend who has come down through history known as the Bad Lord Soulis, hoping to find some way to return to his own time.

Last summer's research trip actually began with my frustration in trying to write that scene (small as it is) via online research.  Online, it was difficult to really get a perspective for the distance between the castle and church, or exactly where the Cout of Kielder's grave really is.  (If anyone else happens to need to know that--it's about two feet outside the stone wall surrounding the kirkyard.)

The almost continual wind, too, is something that I just never really get a feel for through online research.  This video gives an idea of the constant wind.

More later on Hermitage Castle perhaps.  Today, instead of history, I'll give an excerpt from the book, regarding this particular setting.

In the morning, when the woman unlocked the doors and disappeared again, Simon left through the soaring entrance, glad to be out of the evil place.  He extended his search to the surrounding moors and hills, the chapel ruins and graveyard.  He walked the Hermitage Water, through high grasses and flowers, searching, and stood at the stone marking the resting place of the Cout of Kielder, a giant of a man, buried outside the protection of the churchyard.  He stared down at the smooth green grass for a long time, remembering the giant of a man, and feeling disoriented.  Everyone he knew was dead.  When he returned, they would spring back to life.  And he would know when and how and where each of them would die.                       

~Westering Home, Book Four of The Blue Bells Chronicles

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