Dear Readers,
The wait is over!  The Water is Wide is now available on Kindle and in print from amazon!
World-renowned musician Shawn Kleiner vanished in the night among the ruins of a Scottish castle.  While the world searches, one woman, the mother of his child, knows the truth: he is trapped seven hundred years in the past. 
While they struggle to reunite across the centuries, an unseen shadow crosses their path--an evil that will threaten the life of a child prophesied to protect history.  An evil from the past walks today....
For those new to the series, The Water is Wide is Book Three of The Blue Bells Chronicles.  Blue Bells of Scotland started as a stand alone book, the story of an arrogant, self-centered modern musician who finds himself trapped in medieval Scotland, mistaken for the devout and responsible Highland warrior, Niall Campbell, and charged with saving a country during Bruce's Wars of Independence against England.  When a beta reader asked, "What happens next?" I re-read the ending and realized what I'd written was not as cut and dried as I thought.  It was a great question.  So I wrote what happened next
The result is a trilogy which grew into what is now expected to be a five part series consisting of
  • Blue Bells of Scotland
  • The Minstrel Boy
  • The Water is Wide
  • Westering Home
  • The Battle is Over.
In the approximately 14 hours since the first announcement of the book's release, The Water is Wide has gone straight into the top ten in three categories on amazon.  Thank you to my editor, Deb, to Jack who put in a great deal of extra work getting this ready and wrestling with last minute technical difficulties, to the Night Writers who gave me so much great feedback: Genny, Judy, Judd, Janet, Sue, Stephanie, Lyn, and Ross; and to all my readers who have sent me so much positive feedback and encouragement, and waited so patiently.
Above is a link to the trailer for The Water is Wide.  (Technical difficulties.  I'm not sure why the video won't post directly.)
Below is the video for The Minstrel Boy. 


  1. Just found your series this month and am LOVING it. I am starting book 3 today and cant wait to see how the story continues. Love your writing style and creativity!! My 13 year old is dying to read these too. Keep em coming!! So glad I stumbled upon them.
    Sasha Brodeur


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