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Welcome, Blog Hoppers, to The World of the Blue Bells Trilogy!  I'll be giving away a $10 gift card to

Scroll down to find the rafflecopter entry form.  There are five ways to enter, each one earning an entry, except for tweeting, which earns two entries.  The link to my facebook page is in the right hand sidebar of the blog.

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A little about The World of the Blue Bells Trilogy:

Blue Bells of Scotland was the first in a series about two men who trade places in time, and end up caught in one another's lives.  Shawn, a modern day musical genius, a gambler, drinker, womanizer, and cheater, who prides himself on his self-centeredness, finds himself in medieval Scotland, ordered to bring men to the great Battle of Bannockburn and fight there himself, while Niall, his medieval counterpart, who prides himself on all the virtues, is trapped in Shawn's life in modern Scotland, trying to find a way back to save his people.

Here at the blog, you'll find articles about medieval history, Scotland, Scottish history, music, and time travel, along with features on other authors, many of whom write about Scotland or time travel, also.  Recently, I've started a series called Eating Medieval, in which writer Kathy Opie re-creates the medieval recipes I send her, photographs the process, and writes about her experience. 

At my facebook page, you'll find pictures and links to sites about Scotland, medieval history, music, time travel, the Gaelic languge, recipes, and more.  If you know someone who enjoys these topics, please send them over!

Check the side bar for links to various topics, and if you know someone who loves medieval history, please let them know about my site!  Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the blog hop!

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  1. Thank you for a chance to win and for being a part of this fun and awesome blog hop!!


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