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In my ongoing series on time travel in fiction, Ian Weaver, is dropping by from England to talk about his time travel mystery/ thriller.  This post is the first in my Amazon Christmas gift card giveaway.  See the end of the post for details!

Ian was born in 1960 in Louth, Lincolnshire (UK) and although he had no thoughts about being an author, he did read a lot from an early age; mainly Enid Blyton - Brere Rabbit stuff. His father was Royal Air Force and Ian followed his lead - except he went into the Royal Navy. He was an Observer flying in Sea Kings doing Anti Submarine and Search and Rescue. Both roles play a part in his book Time and Again. He transferred to the RAF in 1989, as a Navigator flying the Tornado F3. In 1996, a midair collision left Ian with a broken neck, fractured skull, brain damage, smashed shoulder, 6 broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He has recovered quite well considering!

Ian says of his leap from flying for the Royal Navy to writing:

I started writing about 1993, as a way of learning word processing.  It was meant as a short story revolving around his experiences in the RN and done just for fun. Funnily enough (or maybe not that funny) my 'hero' (based on me I suppose) had a flying accident in a helicopter and received similar injuries. That was penned some 3 years before my own accident! During my years of rehab the story evolved into a 127,000 word novel. I have completed a sequel which is in the final editing stage with my publisher, and I'm currently working on the final book of the trilogy.

TIME TRAVEL: I didn't set out to include time travel - it just happened. In a way the book reflects a little on 'Life on Mars' (Don't know if you've seen it) but was written years before it appeared on British TV. Time travel is now central to the trilogy.

It starts as the hero co-existing in two worlds; one in which he is comatose in hospital and the other as a WW2 fighter Pilot. The idea evolves and grows through the sequel (real world and Antarctica ), and the third (real world and WW1 1917, Western Front). In book two I 'discuss' the possibilities of time travel, and my research has led me to some interesting finds. It has been proved that (at quantum levels at least) matter can exist in two places at once. The scientist that proved this went on to say that if it could be reproduced with human candidates, it would lead to either immortality....or instant death. I rather think the latter!

Time switching and maintaining time lines are something that, a) is critical, and b) is what I have found most difficult to achieve. Having said that, with plenty of reading, rereading, editing, rewriting and rereading it is not un-achievable. I run two timelines at any one point and one of the things I'm most proud of is that they are "...seamlessly interwoven" (see review on Amazon).

The reason I find it difficult is that my accident left me with a seriously bad short term memory. To achieve believable results I keep copious notes and timelines that I can refer to as I progress. The third book is especially difficult as there are visits and revisits to all three time periods covered in the trilogy; plenty of scope for getting it wrong!!!!

Time and Again


Lieutenant Tony ‘Harry’ Harrison was an Observer in the Fleet Air Arm flying Sea King helicopters on patrol in the Northern Atlantic.

Lieutenant Charles Bradshaw was a WWII ace pilot flying the Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat from the USS Enterprise in the Pacific.

They couldn’t possibly know each other, yet somehow one would influence the life of the other and vica versa.

The consequences will be shocking affecting the lives of those close to both men.

Unravelling the mystery falls to Harry’s girlfriend, Laura, who must fight grief and turmoil if she is to keep her sanity and find the man she loves.
TIME AND AGAIN is the first action novel from Ian Weaver, a budding author who will take you on a rollercoaster ride through war, love, despair and happiness.

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