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Please welcome Lyn Miller LaCoursiere, author of the Lindy Lewis mystery and adventure series. Lyn published many articles in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Minnesota Women's Press before turning to fiction. She is about to release her fourth Lindy Lewis novel. If you'd like to meet Lyn, mark these times and dates:
  • Maple Grove Borders, at The Shoppes at Arbor Lake, from 5:30 in the evening onward, on Friday, November 19, 2010. Lyn and four other authors will be giving readings, speaking, and signing books.
  • Maple Grove Arts Center, 7916 Main Street, Maple Grove, 1 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, December 5, 2010
  • Maple Grove Arts Center, 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday, December 12, 2010
Today, Lyn tells us a little about how she came to writing:


You know, I started writing a journal after my husband passed away. Oprah had said ‘buy a tablet and a pen and just start writing.’ And so I did; I wrote down my sorrow, my loneliness, and my anger at him for leaving me. And over the next years I had accumulated a tall stack of yellow legal tablets and I had learned, writing everything down taught me how to feel my feelings and identify them.

Over time I tried my hand at poetry and short stories. I had one story that I just couldn’t seem to end and it went on and on, and finally to my surprise it produced a book called Nightmares and Dreams. I found that I liked to write mainstream; mystery/ romance and I continued on using my same characters in which I will soon be publishing my fourth book in the series.

My most productive time of the day to write is early morning when the day is fresh and I feel rested. I love to take my coffee and go to my desk and see my friends again. My characters are real to me as I cry with them when their troubles abound and laugh with them at their antics. I do sometimes build my characters around people I’ve met and I must say they sometimes do things that I have or thought about doing. I also use areas around the country that I have visited or dreamed of visiting.

When I started writing, I had never done anything except write a note on a greeting card and an occasional letter, so I had and still have, a lot to learn about the art of writing.

I am fortunate to belong to a critiquing group of writers where I constantly learn something new about my work from them.

Writing is very important to me as it keeps my focus on creative thinking and a steady routine that I want in my life. And you know, I write strictly to entertain and if my readers find similarities in my characters and their activities I am pleased at their interest and thank them for their support.


Visit Lyn at her site.

NIGHTMARES AND DREAMS is a blend of murder, money, and romance, of two people unable to break the ties of young love.

LINDY LEWIS, now a feisty adventuress, is forced to face life alone in the mansion her husband and she had lovingly renovated. Alone and insecure about the future after he dies and believing she would find contentment again if she is rich, feels life has forced her to take some drastic measures. She commits a crime.

REED CONNERS a successful retired lawyer, now an investigator has one downfall, Lindy Lewis. The same woman he loved in college decades ago and much to his chagrin, can still manage to bring havoc to his life.

The two come face to face again in a casino in Northern Minnesota as Lindy escapes from a killer who threatens her life and her newly acquired precious fortune. While Reed has been assigned to investigate a fraudulent crime to his company, he is stunned to discover the offender is none other than his ex-lover, Lindy Lewis. This sets off a series of dangerous encounters as once again their lives become entangled.

TOMORROW'S RAIN will take you down another journey of intrigue as a woman searches for her inner peace and a man's harbored passions are pushed to the limit.

An excerpt from the third book, Sunsets:
The courtroom was silent as death as the prosecutor repeated the question.

"Miss Lewis, would you please tell the court what you saw when you looked out the porthole of the yacht?"

The color drained from Lindy's face, and a chill numbed her limbs. She felt the deadly threat in Mario's eyes pierce the short distance in the room as she sat just a few feet from him. but she didn't have a choice: testify for the FBI or face prison for her fraudulent insurance claim. And, of course, hand over the millions of dollars!

Oh, lord, this was so much worse than she'd imagined. Tension raced across the planked floor in the courtroom then, but she choked down the dread and said, "I saw Mario D'Agustino shoot a man!"

Suddenly Summer, the fourth book in the Lindy Lewis series, is being released this fall.

Thank you, Lyn, for being a guest today, and good luck!

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  1. The Lindy Lewis character Lyn invented, along with the story line, is very thought provoking. The series of books can be a great companion for reading just before sleep - if you can read just one chapter.

  2. Your characters/plots play out like a movie in one's mind. Your books are awesome and belong on the big screen--good luck at your upcoming appearances!!!

  3. Your a very creative writer and your characters truly "come alive" Lyn. A sign of an excellent writer. I like how you shared in your interview how you got started writing. That is so healing, to get everything out on paper. I am in that season now myself. Keep up the good work:)


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