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One of the things I have really enjoyed about entering the world of writing is the people I have met. Yes, I've probably said this before, but, well, I'm saying it again. It has been a great experience getting to know other authors, the paths that led them to writing, and how they go about it. Please welcome today Travis Haselton, talking about writing.


I was asked to do a guest blog. This is a first for me so bear with me. The subject is to be on "what brought me to writing" "how I fit writing in my life" and "the process of writing a novel". So I suppose I will start with what brought me to writing.

It is essentially that I always have my head in the clouds and I figure I may as well put it on paper and out there for people to enjoy. When I was young I used to read the "Goosebumps" books by R.L. Stine. That's what made me want to write stories. I would write short stories on the old school typewriter my grandma had. That all stopped when I started taking Martial Arts seriously. After the High school years and such, I suppose about three years ago, I decided to give it a shot. I wrote a short book called "Hell On A Mesa."

After that was published, I realized that no one was going to pay twenty dollars for a 108 page book from a no name author. So I decided to write books and put them on the kindle. So now here I am, my head is in la la land all day and when I get home I write it down. It is as simple as that.

Unfortunately, I don't make enough as an author to pay any bill. So I still have my day job. While I am at work and unable to write, my mind is constantly going on some new story or idea. When I come home, I put them in the computer after taking care of homework and making dinner. The only real way to fit it in my life is just to do it when I can. Every trip to the dmv involves my laptop. It does help when you have a supportive spouse I could imagine how I would do it if she didn't approve.

As far as the process of writing a novel goes, it normally starts with something that inspires a new character or storyline. Next, I sit down and make a list of aspects I wish to put into the character. For example, do I want the character to have a drinking problem? Is the person sarcastic or dry? Then I create a timeline and figure how I want the story to play out. I may switch things around the same way movie makers move around story boards. But then a lot of times creativity gets in the way of that set storyline and character base and I just make somethings up as I go. No matter how hard I try, I don't really know how the story will end until I write it.

About Travis:

I grew up spending most of my time at a mining property outside of my hometown of Boulder City NV. I dropped out of school in eighth grade to help pay bills. Through my life, I have traveled the country working and expanding my knowledge. I now have settled down with my beautiful wife and am content to entertain all of you readers with the adventures I write. Please sit back and enjoy them. Maybe even pop open a beer while you're at it.

Travis's Books:

The Man With No Past:
When a man wakes up in the woods badly beaten and no recollection of what happened or who he was, he must try to trace back his footprints. Problem is, will he like what he finds? And what about the wedding ring on his finger? Follow him as he travels the modern west in search of his past.

Hell on a Mesa:
Bruce Galloway has seen his share of fights and adventures. But when a friend of the family comes up missing he finds himself in the middle of an ancient Pueblo myth and a secret government investigation. Can he protect the mysterious portal on Urracca mesa from the violent natured people on each side and still keep his family safe? Bruce will have to trust an ancient shaman and take a leap of faith into a world unknown as he fights to protect what is left of the ancient Anasazi.


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