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The past week has brought these stops on the Blue Bells of Scotland virtual tour. Please check these sites for chances to win a free copy!
Oct 19: Literarily Speaking, The First Page The first page of Blue Bells of Scotland is posted, along with an interview and discussion of the importance of the first page, and why I started the book as I did.
Oct 20: Acting Balanced Guest Post on why I love and write historical fiction, and on Oct 21: Acting Balanced Review:
Blue Bells of Scotland is definitely the start of something truly unique and interesting - it leaves you in a place where you want to rush out and pick up book two right away! If you are at all into Scottish history or fictionalized history of any sort and want a unique reading experience, I think you should check out Blue Bells of Scotland!
Oct 22: Mandy's Escape Review Excerpt:

Writers are always being told to "write about what you know". Well, Laura does just that in this historical read. She takes her knowledge of music and weaves a tale of redemption, love and self-discovery. A great deal of research and historical detail add to the believability of the story. I was so entranced with the characters that I felt like I could reach out and touch them. I found myself holding my breath as Shawn hid in the cellar from the English soldiers who sought to kill him; I found myself yelling at Niall to keep searching, don't give up; I found myself reaching out to Shawn at the final fair day, wanting so badly to just grab hold of him and tug him back to the future. I admire the way that Laura Vosika led Shawn down the path of self-discovery, one where he finally comes to be the man I feel he was meant to be. This is a captivating story that you will truly enjoy. I am eagerly awaiting the second installment in this trilogy.

Oct 25: Books and Movies ReviewsReview by Roberto Mattos:
This book is amazing. It grabs your attention from the beginning and you get so involved with its characters that when it ends you wish there was more... and fortunately there will be!

The plot goes around a famous musician (that has everything in life, but has a questionable morale) and a medieval warrior. When the musician got stranded in a Scottish castle tower, magic begins and he switches places with the warrior, that some hundred years before him was exactly at that same place. And the story goes on and Laura Vosika was amazing on the development of the plot and the switch to and from the medieval world to the modern world is done very properly and does not disturb at all the smooth of the reading.

The author did a magnificent job on the creation of the atmosphere of both worlds.

There is this feeling that your are in the Mists of Avalon, where magical things happen. If you like movies like Timeline, you will simply love this book. And the subtle message about redemption in my opinion is what makes this book one of the best three books I read the whole year. It is magic. It is powerful. It is a must have in any library of a serious reader.

Oct 26: Crazy Cat Lady's Library Review Excerpt:

As the mist swirled around him and he drew his cloak close around his body, his last thoughts were for the mission he was to embark upon in the morning. But when he awoke the next day, he found himself in much more dangerous territory than he could have ever imagined…

This is how Blue Bells of Scotland by Laura Vosika begins. What follows is an amazing adventure in two different lifetimes, as Niall and Shawn find themselves somehow switched into each other’s existences. Filled with humor, intrigue, and tumult, I found this to be an entertaining beginning to what I hope will be a compelling trilogy. I give Blue Bells of Scotland 4 paws!

Thank you to all the reviewers and interviewers for hosting me on this tour, and thank you to Dorothy at Pump Up Your Book for all her hard work in making it happen! There are still 5 stops to come!


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