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Some time ago, I submitted Blue Bells of Scotland to Nan Hawthorne, author, reviewer, and songwriter, both to be listed at her site, medieval-novels, which collects medieval fiction, and to her personally to review at her blog, That's All She Read. I was very flattered to receive an e-mail from Nan some weeks later, asking that I and three other authors submit her 'four favorite books of the year' to Bookshare.
Bookshare is a site that makes books available in a variety of adapted formats (braille, large print, audio) for those with visual impairments, physical disabilities, or learning disabilities who have difficulty reading a standard book. If you know someone who would benefit from this wonderful service, please check out their link and pass it on!
Although it took longer than I'd hoped, due to work, family, and continued writing, I did take Nan up on her suggestion, and sent Blue Bells of Scotland to Bookshare. Their site tells me that: "In the final step, a Bookshare staff member reviews all books and verifies that they meet all criteria for inclusion into the collection. This person makes the final decision about whether to add it to the Bookshare library." On May 19, 2010, my book was added to Bookshare's collection, reviewed by a staff member, and marked as "Book Quality: Excellent."
Thank you, Nan, for suggesting I submit. I am very pleased to work with Bookshare in making books available to all!

Blue Bells of Scotland at Bookshare

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