Thank You, Mirella

The second review on my blog tour went up yesterday at The Historical Novel Review, the Guide to Exceptional Historical Fiction. I would like to thank Mirella Patzer for her time, and highly recommend her site to all lovers of historical fiction. She and a team of four reviewers, Vanitha, Miranda, Anita, and Lisa, writers and editors all, cover a great variety of historical fiction, from 5th Century Europe to America during World War II, from well-known authors such as Jean Plaidy to, well, those like me, just starting out with our first novels. Styles covered range from mystery and adventure to historical romance and novelizations of Biblical figures. This site truly has something for everyone! With so many books and so little time (to steal a famous quote), sites like Mirella's are a gift to those of us who love discovering history in literature.
A brief excerpt from Mirella's review of Blue Bells of Scotland:
[Shawn and Niall] evolve and change in a touching, sometimes heart-wrenching manner. It is this, along with a richness of detail, that makes this story larger than life.

And, of course, please stop by her site to read the rest and see what other great novels are out there!


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