Thank You, Bridget at Readaholic

Blue Bells of Scotland has just made its first stop on its virtual tour. A virtual tour is the internet equivalent of a traditional book tour: the book goes out to reviewers who then post their reviews, which may include author interviews, author chats with readers, guest posts by the author, and/ or giveaways of the book.

On Sunday, Bridget at Readaholic posted the first virtual tour review of Blue Bells of Scotland, along with an author interview and a giveaway, open until November 19. Read Bridget's Review and sign up for the giveaway by clicking on the link.
If you are busy but love books, you will especially enjoy Bridget's site. She is a prolific reader, who specializes in short reviews, not only for the sake of not giving away too much, but because many of us simply do not have time to read lengthy reviews. Please check out her site. Enjoy! And thank you, Bridget!


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