National Novel Writing Month

Sign-ups have started! Go to National Novel Writing Month and join the fun! If you've always wanted to write a novel, November is the time to do it. This is for fun. Just sit down and start typing.

No plot? No problem! There are plenty of forums with ideas, and specific threads for plot adoption. Not sure what to do with a plot problem? No problem. Go to the Plot Doctoring thread where plenty of people will give all sorts of ideas for painting yourself out of the corner you may have painted yourself into. Can't find the information you need on seventeenth century French cooking utensils? Try Character and Plot Realism Q & A.

Need to engage in the time-honored novelists practice of procrastination? Go to the clubs threads. Meet noveling musicians, noveling parents, noveling 30-somethings, noveling Christians, anyone and everyone. It's lots of fun to meet others who share the same interest. And if you want to get together in person, there are regional groups that arrange write-ins. Small groups get together at local coffeeshops, set up our laptops and type away with our lattes.

And most years, or will print and ship your novel for free if you win-- which means if you type 50,000 words in November and upload it for verification at nanowrimo.
Hope to see you there!


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