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Coming tomorrow, May 21, 2020

1:00 pm

An online experience: Step back in time. See weapons, musical instruments and the great wolfhound, Liadan. Tomorrow at 1:00 online. CLICK HERE to register. $15


Our weekly book club is held on Zoom and is free and open to the public. You can attend if you've read the book of the week or even if you're interested in reading the book of the week. Heck, you can join if you're just looking for something to do Monday evening! Most weeks, the author will be present.

Our meeting schedule is listed on the GABRIEL'S HOR FACEBOOK EVENTS page. Individual events give the links to join the meeting. You can also find the information, including the links at the GABRIEL'S HORN BOOK CLUB page.

See our past meetings at our GABRIEL'S HORN YOUTUBE CHANNEL:

Look for our past and upcoming book club selections. Grab them early and read ahead!

April 13, 2020: Without Words, by Lisa Gurine
April 20, 2020: Blue Bells of Scotland, by Laura Vosika
April 27, 2020: The Smart Kid, by Bob Miller
May 4, 2020: The Feet Say Run, by Dan Blum
May 11, 2020: See That House, by Judith Granahan
May 18, 2020: Daughter # 5: Baby of the Family, by Genny Kieley.
June 1, 2020: My Gypsy War Diary, by Shawn D. Brink
June 8, 2020: A Dream of Dragons, by Lauretta & Michael Kehoe


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