Kendall Price Speaks on Writing 221 BC Part 1

Please welcome today Dr. Kendall Price, author of 221 BC, to talk about the writing process. I've posted previously about Kendall, and working with him on 221 BC. Today is Part One of his interview.

Tell us how long you've been writing and what got you started?

I’ve been writing for about 11 years. I moved to MN 12 years ago and had to work and study for boards. After I was done, I didn’t know what to do with my time. I mean, I had just finished 13 years of medical training and was a bit maladjusted in that I hadn’t traveled or read anything for years.

I do love comics and D&D, however, and I bought a book on tape about Alexander the Great and was hooked on the idea of a martial hero. So I started reading and listening to history. I settled on 221 BC as a pivotal year in world history.

Tell us about 221 BC, and the inspiration behind it.

It combines 221 BC history (including Hannibal and the 2nd Punic war) with the exploits of Alexander the great.

It is the first book of a trilogy.

Traditional writing advice is Write what you know.  What parts of your book are based on what you know?

I know boarding school (Andover = Museum Academy), real friends (eg, Hannibal is based on my best friend at Andover), battle (comics, history, D&D), and medicine (Eastern and Western).

Tell us a little about your writing schedule and habits. 

I try to write when I have down time at work and at night after the kids have gone to bed.

What got you interested in this period of history?

It's a big year in world history that is not well known. Polybius (ancient Greek author) begins his “Universal History” at this time (264–146 BC)


. Price and Vosika paint a vivid, intricate portrait of war, juggling a wide array of famous characters, including the notorious Hannibal, and using meticulous research to flesh out this universe, rooted in historical facts and details. The prose is rich and involving, and the twists are carefully designed and executed. 

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