Kendall Price on Writing: Part 2

What got you interested in the setting--of Alexandria, the Ptolemys, Hannibal, etc.?

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Alexandria at this time reminds me of boarding school: train, study, arts and crafts, train, study, arts and crafts…. I always tell our kids this. At Andover, we were always busy and being challenged and I loved it. Class then sports then class then eat then sleep.

What parts of your book are things you knew little about and had to research?

The geography, military and politics of the ancient Mediterranean Sea, Near East, China, etc.

Tell us a little about your research process.

I always check multiple sources regarding any particular idea. The book is filled with real facts and only a little bit of made up magic based on the principles of Chinese Medicine (5 Elements, Qi, etc)

What are some things that really bring a scene to life?

I try to put everything into a scene based on historical facts and then try to liven it up with some in your face magic and daring.

How do you bring characters to life?  How do you make them three-dimensional, unique, and real to the readers?

I base all of the main characters on family and close friends. Our 3 kids and my wife all have characters based on them. I also lean so very heavily on my brilliant co-author. Working with Laura helps me write freely as she is the expert.

What is some of your best advice for beginning writers?

Write what you know and find a brilliant co-author!

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