Coming to Wisconsin: Scotland in the Eyes of the Author

Scotland through the Eyes of the Author

October 14 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

From 2009 to 20016, Laura Vosika, author of the acclaimed time travel series, The Blue Bells Chronicles, a story ranging across modern and medieval Scotland, has made multiple trips to Scotland and northern England to research the locations of her story—the battlefield of Bannockburn, Inverness’s Eden Court, the hills of Monadhliath and Rannoch Moor, Carlisle, the Isle of Arran, the Isle of Iona on the west of Scotland and Lindisfarne off the east coast of England.

She will talk about visiting these locations with an eye to researching the times of Robert the Bruce of Braveheart fame. The presentation includes a medieval weapon and instrument display, a power point slide show with photography of her travels, a medieval piece played on harp, and readings from her books.

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