Murder on Madeline Island

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Since January, 2017, I've been hosting Books and Brews with Laura Vosika on 950 AM here in the Twin Cities.  We talk to an author (or two) each month, and Michael Agnew, Minnesota's first beer cicerone, matches beers to the poetry and books we're discussing.  It has been a lot of fun!  We have talked with:
  • Michael Dean, poet and author of Seashells
  • Ross Kramer from Russia and Dr. Christopher Powell on Russian literature and Russian beer
  • Tom Dahill and Genny Johnson on Irish music and their new book Danny Who? and of course...Irish beer [Side note, and no pun intended given my comment is about music, I the only Celtic harpist who hates Danny Boy?  OMG...I hate that song.  I am so sick of it.  Oops, ahem, cough, not that I have strong opinions but...back to our regularly scheduled, non-emotional comments....Except, I definitely saw the humor in the title and the story behind it!] I had a lot of fun with Tom and Genny and playing a bit of flute on some Irish tunes.
  • Poet Andrew Coons:on his first book Sin Eater, on poetry and depression and the healing power of poetry and literature.  The healing power of the's something Amy and Angus very briefly discuss on their way to Monadhliath in The Water is Wide.
We are currently hoping to expand Books and Brews with Laura Vosika to a weekly program, and to that end, are seeking sponsors for the program.  If you have a business that wants to advertise, let me know!

Coming up on May's program is Lorrie Holmgren, Minnesota mystery author.  I'm especially interested to hear about Lorrie's novel because I've been to Madeline Island.  It was a deep and dark winter and I think my second time in Bayport, Wisconsin, when Someone With a Car told me it would be a great idea to drive across a lake.  Normally, I'm not up for driving across lakes, unless I happen to be the proud owner of Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang (we LOVE you!  Really...we really really love you!  Even as much as we love Sally Fields!)

Maybe it's because, despite my Minnesota roots, I didn't actually grow up here.  I know that Minnesotans have entire shanty villages on ice all winter long and routinely drive vehicles out on ice, but--despite my heritage being here, I grew up in the military, in places like...Virginia and...Mississippi, where you don't drive on lakes...because if you do, you sort of...die.

Anyway, Westering Home  was not yet out at the time that Someone With a Car told me it would be a great idea to drive across a lake .  I believe I sent a copy of the novel via e-mail to several people just in case the Car in Question sank beneath the Ice in Question.  However, because the ice does in fact get extremely thick, we drove across quite safely (and like Shawn in medieval Scotland, I exclaimed, I'm alive!) and...that is my story of seeing Madeline Island.

Honestly, I remember liking it, liking the houses I saw, thinking what a great place to live...but mainly being very deeply engrossed in gratitude that I had not fallen beneath the ice. 

[Side note: I was in a Mercedes.  Hey, if you're going to die, and you don't have a Silver Thunderbird, a Mercedes isn't a bad Door Two.  All the same, not to diss Mercedes or anything, but I'm kind of glad I didn't die under the ice that day.]

The point of it all is--I'm looking forward to meeting Lorrie because I've actually been to Madeline Island, and now neat to find a novel set there!  It's a unique place, and you should tune in to Books and Brews to hear more about it!  I, myself, am looking forward to hearing more about it.

With no further a-do (and definitely no a-don't) I will turn the floor (or the pixels as the case may be) over to Lorrie!

Welcome, Lorrie!

I’m delighted to have the opportunity to be a guest on Books and Brews on Sunday, May 28 at 10 am on 950 AM Progressive Radio.  I’ll be talking with Laura Vosika, author of The Blue Bells Chronicles, and Michael Agnew, craft beer expert, about Murder on Madeline Island, an Emily Swift Travel Mystery.

Pairing beers with stories and poems is a great idea.  I like beer; I like books.  Combining them will definitely work.  I can’t wait to hear what beers Michael will pick to complement Murder on Madeline Island.

In the novel, when travel writer Emily Swift joins her boyfriend for a romantic getaway, she’s eager to explore beautiful Madeline Island.  But after she finds a dead lawyer in an abandoned refrigerator, Emily finds herself accused of murder and she has to find the real killer in order to clear her name.  The case draws her into romantic confusion, a surprising will, a search for a long-lost Ojibwe relative, and a tangled family tree. 
This is a book to read on a summer day after you’ve been working hard, mowing the grass or biking around the lake. Then it’s time to take a break, relax in the hammock with a good mystery and an ice cold beer. (I bet Michael is going to tell me it shouldn’t be ice cold.  We’ll see.)

I’m really looking forward to meeting Laura Vosika.  I’ve enjoyed exploring her website, filled with gorgeous photos of Scotland, Celtic myths and lore as well as information about her very popular Blue Bells Chronicles. (My husband is a descendant of the Comyns on his mother’s side so I was especially interested in seeing a story about that clan.)  

You can buy Murder on Madeline Island on Amazon as a book or Kindle or at Once Upon a Crime Bookstore in Minneapolis.

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