Writing Prompts: Gratitude

Typical to the point of cheesy at this time of year?  Oh, well, too bad.  Besides, cheese is good.  Even more besides...faith and science alike tell us that carrying an attitude of gratefulness has many benefits, for our health, our spirits, our happiness.  And...it has enormous benefits for those around us.

Somewhere in The Blue Bells Chronicles, Niall comments to Shawn that he grouses a lot, and says the problem with Shawn's time is that they (we) have life so good--and yet we expect it to be even better.  In short--we don't appreciate what we have.

A few gratitude prompts to choose from:

  • How can you share your gratitude today?
  • Write about someone in your life for whom you're thankful.
  • In what ways is your life improved from a year ago?
  • What skills or hobbies or interests do you have that you're grateful for?

I find 'how can you share gratitude' an interesting question.  I think it's open to interpretation what that even means.  I'll say, 'how can you share blessings?'  I think in our country most of us can give to a food shelf or take time to shovel our neighbor's driveway.  Except those of you in Florida.  You might have a really hard time shoveling your neighbor's driveway.  But sharing gratitude is simpler than that--smile.  Be friendly.  Compliment someone.

I think we live in a world where we keep to ourselves.  The other day, someone at the post office complimented my skirt and earrings, and I realized again how often I don't do a simple thing like that, that really brightens someone's day because...why?  Why don't we talk to strangers?  Are we afraid of how it'll be taken?  In the world we live in, I think we are.

I could write about many people in my life for whom I'm grateful.  At the risk of embarrassing them by gushing, I'll just say my friends Dale and Micki changed my life entirely, and for the better, by their example and one question regarding faith.

I'm grateful for everyone in my writers' group, Night Writers, past and present.  They've been an incredible influence and positive part of my life and writing, both personal and professional.  They, too, have changed my life for the better, and together we launched Gabriel's Horn.

I'm thankful to Dena, my publicist, for introducing herself to me.  She, too, has changed my life for the better!  Thank you, Dena!

I'm thankful to my friend Chris who has also been a very positive part of my life.  Apart from many other things, he has helped me do a major amount of work on my house, and particularly my kitchen.  Long story short, this kitchen was the bane of my existence (cliche, yeah, but a kitchen as bad as this was deserves no better!)

I'm grateful for my kids and that they have fun together and are generally excited to see each other!

gratitude, writing prompts

The kitchen still has some work to do--the drawers aren't back in yet and I haven't put up the new backsplash--but in the past year (to move ont the next question) it's become a place I actually sort of like being in.  There was a time I didn't think that was even possible.

[Shameless plug: he and I also started Emmanuel's Light, a photographers' cooperative, together, which has been a lot of fun and artistically fulfilling to create beautiful art.]

I'm grateful for my ability to write and play music, that I have been able to have multiple instruments in my house to play, and that I can actually earn my way in life by passing the love of music on to kids!

Oh, and I'm grateful for cheese--cheesy food and cheesy humor!

How about you?

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