Author's Tea

Once again, I would like to offer thanks to Amy at Osseo School District’s community education, and Genny Kieley for inviting me to speak at the annual Author’s Tea last night. Genny, the main speaker and author of three books on Northeast Minneapolis and her latest Green Stamps to Hot Pants: Growing Up in the 50’s and 60’s invited me to join her.
Amy and her staff put in a great deal of work to make each year’s Author’s Tea unique, and had a very nice set-up in the high school cafeteria, with decor reflecting Genny’s book. The food service staff had prepared a nice array of bars, fruits, and hors douvres for the 68 women who came out in our first real snow of the season.
I spoke about my book and the influences that brought it to life, including my background as a musician, and Genny spoke about the 50’s and 60’s: spoolies, home permanents, swimming caps, muscle cars, house dresses, and more. The audience seemed to really enjoy the evening. I enjoyed meeting many of the women and talking to them afterward. The whole night was a real pleasure, and, once again, Amy deserves a great deal of credit for putting on such a nice event.
I was especially excited to be speaking at my alma mater, and to any Osseo alumni, yes, the blue tiles are gone! The school is largely remodeled and refurbished.
In other news, November and December have been particularly busy months. I now have my blog on RSS feed to my author page at So if you are reading it there, please stop by to read more on medieval Scotland, and books related to Scotland or time travel.
I have two more events coming up in December: Tuesday night’s appearance at the Maple Grove Library at 7 pm, and next Saturday’s book signing at the Maple Grove Byerly’s, both with other Night Writers. The Byerly’s event also features live music and our Rescue an Abandoned Book, so stop by and pick up a free used book that needs a new home. And in the meantime, I expect to get back to blogging about medieval Scotland. I will be focusing on medieval and Scottish Christmas and New Year’s traditions throughout December.


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